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Sam Geurts

Dan Geurts

My name’s Sam Geurts, I’m the co-owner of Gym One22, accredited exercise scientist and an S & C coach. I’m passionate about the process of building better athletes. I love helping people become stronger, faster, and more powerful versions of themselves. I enjoy helping athletes become robust and injury resilient, or alternatively helping them return to sport after a setback.

My approach to training is simple. Everything we do in the gym is ‘general physical preparedness.’ The work you do in the gym isn’t going to make you throw a punch or kick a ball better. What it can do however, is lay the foundations for future athletic development. It can help you stay healthy and injury free. It can help you become stronger and more explosive. And it can help you push harder for longer. It’s important that a lack of physical fitness doesn’t hold you back during competition. 

My background in S & C includes 3 years of experience as personal trainer and a 3 year bachelor’s degree where I learned the foundations of physiology, anatomy, sports science, S & C, injury rehab, nutrition and more. I interned at multiple facilities and travelled to America to visit some of the best sporting facilities in the world. Here we learned the ins and outs of strength & conditioning from elite level coaches. The trip included visits to the UFC Performance Institute, Seattle Seahawks, Nike HQ, LA Dodgers and the University of Oregon to name a few.

As an athlete I’ve dabbled in basketball, MMA and CrossFit while performing at a reasonably high level in Australian Rules Footy – so I know what it’s like to be an athlete and what it takes to prepare for competition. To be an athlete doesn’t mean just training like one when you’re in the gym – it means living like one. This means getting 8 hours of sleep every night, fuelling your body with the right nutrition, training smart, training hard and implementing the recovery strategies for you.  

As a coach I’d never ask you to do anything I haven’t done before. I’ve made mistakes, sustained injuries and pushed myself to the limits to see what kind of preparation works best. This is my passion in life and it’s what I do best.

My name is Dan Geurts. As an Exercise Scientist and Preparation Coach, I am driven to help my athletes be the best they possibly can. 


It is my responsibility to utilise the knowledge and tools I have at my disposal to help each individual athlete reach their full potential in the most efficient ways possible. I believe that is the job of any performance coach. When I am not working with athletes on the gym floor or training myself, I am meticulously reading and researching the most productive ways to train my athletes.


I firmly believe that speed, strength, power, mobility, agility and conditioning are the biomotor skills that must be developed for athletic success. These are the attributes that we can train and improve in the world of Strength and Conditioning. As much as I love S & C, I am a bigger proponent of a holistic approach to performance; one that takes into account nutrition, recovery, sleep and mindset/attitude in addition to our training variables.


As a coach, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of athletes from varying sports and backgrounds. Regardless of their chosen activity, the ones that I’ve seen succeed are the ones that give two things: EFFORT & CONSISTENCY. Putting in the hard efforts when the time calls, putting in the focused time to develop a skill, showing up to training day in and day out, putting quality food into their body every day – these are the characteristics of a champion.


As a lifelong athlete myself, I understand what the ups and downs, the bumps and bruises can look like along the journey. Personally I have suffered an ACL rupture, multiple broken hands, arthroscopic hip surgery and most recently a couple of lower back disc herniations. Through these experiences I have developed a strong interest in helping athletes use their injuries as a platform to ultimately return to their sport better than before.


I believe that iron sharpens iron and that to be the best that you possibly can, you must surround yourself with the right team of hungry and humble individuals.

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