One22 Isolation Training

We’ve organised this page to give you some ideas for training in isolation. We hope this page acts as something you can refer back to over and over again. 

The page is broken up into three sections: 

  1. Bodyweight Strength

  2. Minimalist Strength

  3. Conditioning

The 'Minimalist Strength' is for those that have, or are willing to get some basic training equipment to store at home – see below for more info.

In order to keep this page simple, we haven’t included a warm-up for every session. But we STRONGLY recommend that you do warm up thoroughly. 

Here’s a good template for a warm-up: 

  • Start with a light aerobic activity for 5 minutes (skipping, slow jog).

  • Move through some key mobility drills – the more active, the better – you could do walking lunges with a twist, some deep bodyweight squats, hang from a bar if available and just lubricate the joints in general.

  • Hit a few key activation or primer exercises – KB swings, ab rollouts, band pull-aparts, glute bridges – focus on what you’re going to train that day. In general aim to fire up the midline and post-chain (glutes, hamstrings, upper back and shoulder region).


A warm-up is key for getting the most out of each session and for longevity (in sport and in life). Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Foam rolling, stretching and breath work after each session or before bed each night also going a long way to maintaining your meat vehicle.

Bodyweight Only Strength

Here’s a few articles to help you with bodyweight only training:


How to make your bodyweight feel heavy

Maintain your strength without equipment

Using plastic bags to add variety and intensity to your training 

Strength 1

1. Shoulder tap push-ups 5 x 10-20 with

2. 1 x MAX isometric push-up hold

3. 1 & ½ RFE Split squat 5 x 5-10 each leg

4. 1 x MAX RFE split squat hold

5. Glute bridge + glute bridge isometric hold

  • 30 seconds of reps, 30 seconds of an isometric hold x 5 rounds

6a. Iso Hold YTW 20 sec each letter x 3 rounds

6b. Hollow body rocks x 30-60 sec x 3

​Strength 2​

1a. Reverse lunge 4 x 10 each leg 

1b. Side plank 4 x 30 sec each side

2a. Glute bridge walk outs 4 x 10

2b. Wall walks 4 x 3

3a. Eccentric push-ups 4 x 6-10 (10 sec lowering)

3b. Bird dogs 4 x 3 each side (hold for 10 sec each rep)

4. Finisher 100 x 1 & ½ air squats for time 

*Break up however you want to i.e. 4x25, 10x10, 1x100...*

Strength 3​​

1a. SL RDL 4 x 8 each side

1b. High plank shoulder tap 4 x 8 each side

2a. Dead bugs 4 x 10

2b. Single leg bridge 4 x 10 each leg

3a. Iso-Hold YTW 4 x 20 sec each letter

3b. Y-Handcuffs 4 x 15

4. Finisher = 100 walking lunges

*Every 10 steps = 10 push-ups*

Minimalist Strength

Here’s a few articles on beginning strength equipment:  

Home gym starter kit 

Inexpensive additions for your home gym

For our minimalist strength session we recommend that you buy the following

Jump rope | Ab wheel | Olympic Rings | Resistance band/s | One heavy DB or KB | One light DB or KB


You should be able to get the first 4 for under $100 combined. Then another $150-ish for the KB or DB ($154 from NC Fitness for 28kg and 16kg KB).  

Here is a list of places you could shop for the equipment. Amazon, NC Fitness, Iron Edge, SMAI, Rogue, Gym Direct, Gym and Fitness, The WOD Life, NC Fitness, Australian BB Company, Aussie Strength.

Warm up for every session
  • Skipping: 5 minutes

  • 3x10 ab rollouts 

  • 3x10 band pull aparts

  • 3x10 KB swings (if DB do 5 each hand)

Minimalist Strength 1

1. Single arm OHP 4 x 8-12

2. Inverted rows 4 x 8-12

3a. Single leg RDL 3 x 6

3b. Suitcase carry 3 x 30-60 sec each arm

4. Finisher 100 x tricep pushdowns and banded curls


100 x crab walks and monster walks

*Break these up however you want i.e. 4x25, 2x50, 10x10...*

Minimalist ​​Strength 2

1. Single arm floor press 4 x 6-8 each side

2. Ring chins 4 x 6-8

3. RFE split squat 4 x 6-8 each side

4. Finisher: 4 rounds

Hang DB / KB snatch x 5 each side

Hang DB / KB clean and jerk x 5 each side

Single arm DB / KB thruster​ x 5 each side

Minimalist Strength 3

EMOM 28 (start each round on the minute = 7 sets of each exercise)

1a. ½ kneeling DB / KB OHP x 8 each side

1b. Bent over single arm DB / KB row x 12 each side

1c. Goblet squat x 6-8 

1d. Suitcase carry x 30m each arm

2. Finisher

1 x max push-ups


1 x max inverted rows OR ring pull-ups


The conditioning part of this page was designed to work on the different energy systems. There’s one for sprinting, a longer distance one and a few in between. Completing each of these sessions every few weeks would make for a very good ‘engine building’ program.

For each session, it's important to warm-up thoroughly.

  • Start with 5 minutes of general aerobic exercise

  • Stretch as needed (dynamic mobility works well)

  • Then slowly build intensity into the session

Session 1

Interval training

30 seconds on

30 seconds rest 30

Intensity: 8/10

Mode: Run, swim, or bike

Session 2


30 minutes plus

Intensity: 6/10 

Mode: Run, swim or bike

Aim to breathe through your nose the entire time –  (unless swimming)

Session 3

Hill Sprints

5 x 5 second sprints

4 x 10 second sprints

3 x 15 second sprints

2 x 20 second sprints

1 x 25 second sprint

Intensity: MAX 

Rest: Full - take as much time as you need. The more rest the better. Keep the quality high. 

Mode: Run

Session 4

Interval weight training

Choose your own adventure

1. Pick 2 strength exercises

2. 10 reps of each exercise

3. Straight into 1 minute MAX effort (run / row / bike / ski / skip) 

4. Rest 90 secs

5. Repeat 5 rounds.

6. 3 minutes rest

7. Repeat with different exercises

For example 

10 x push-ups, 10 x KB swing + 1 min max run

Rest 90 seconds and repeat 5 times

Rest 3 minutes

10 x squats, 10 x pull-ups + 1 min max run

Rest 90 seconds and repeat 5 times

Session 5
Metabolic Conditioning

4 rounds for time:

1k run
10 burpees
20 sit ups
30 push ups
40 air squats

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