Gym One22 - Hybrid Coaching

Our Hybrid Model allows you to train with us from a distance. We'll design your program, help with your behaviour and nutritional strategies and keep you accountable. Every exercise comes with video demonstration from us along with key coaching points.

We currently offer 4 types of Hybrid Coaching:

1. The one22 Program:

Follow our member's program in your own gym, in your own time.

$15 per week. Billed monthly. 

2. Online Coaching:

A tailored program + nutritional and behavioural strategies + ongoing support

$30 per week. Billed monthly. 


3. Hybrid: Online Coaching + PT:

A combination of PT and online coaching. 

Price varies depending on the number of PT sessions each month. 

4. Pre-Made Packages:

Programs designed with a specific goal or situation in mind i.e. Bodyweight Only. 

$40 for a 4-week training block.

You'll also have 24/7 access to our coaches for advice on nutrition, recovery, sleep as well as any questions or concerns you have with the program.

If you're unsure what category you fit into, or would like more information, send us an email at: