100k in a day

100KM IN A DAY ✅⁣


We did it. We accomplished the mammoth task we set for ourselves. 100km per person, in 4km chunks, over 25 hours. 14,000km as a group. 15,000km+ if you include our support crew. ⁣

67,000 steps each on Saturday. 45,000 steps each on Sunday. About 60 minutes of sleep between us all! ⁣

We can’t even begin to extend our thanks out to all of you that sponsored, donated and supported us through this monster weekend. We will get back to each and every one of you that played a part in helping us get across the line. ⁣

14 started. 14 finished.⁣

The test of endurance was real. There is nothing healthy about 100km for the human body. This was a challenge of resilience, not fitness.⁣

We are by NO means the experts when it comes to mental health but we DO know that improving yourself physically, is a bloody good step toward mental well being.⁣

We also know that not one of us would have finished the 100k’s if we weren’t surrounded by our mates. Being supported by your mates and being there to support your mates is another cornerstone of mental well being. ⁣

After the 9pm run, no more fun was had (until daylight broke). The hype was over. Things got really dark, really quick. We leaned on each other through the night. Not that we mentioned it. We ran, side by side, through pouring rain and howling wind, in silence. ⁣

When that 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5am alarm went off, not one person wanted to leave whatever comfort they were in. It was painful to simply roll over, let alone put your shoes back on. But you’d look over, see someone struggle to their feet, walk out into the rain, ready to do it all again - that’s when you had little choice but to join your mate. ⁣

9 of our 25 runs were covered by the night. We struggled through every one of those runs together. The key word being "together." ⁣

To the 12 savages that joined us on this journey, we are truly indebted to you. Your attitudes have made our little gym into what it is. We are honoured to have completed this alongside you. You are our heroes. ⁣



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