Benefits of Hypertrophy Training in Team Sports

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

After the rigours of a season, you’ve most likely lost some body weight. This is likely a loss lean tissue so the aim of the first block after some time off should be to add some muscle mass. ⁣

Why do we do this? ⁣

Body armour:

Super important for contact sports, the extra mass behind you can help reduce the risk of contact injuries and help you win contested ball. ⁣

Larger muscles have greater potential for being stronger muscles:

More muscle doesn’t automatically relate to a stronger person but it does give you a greater foundation for strength in the future. A stronger muscle then has the ability to be a more explosive, powerful muscle if trained correctly.

Man doing chin-ups to add on for hypertrophy in the off season

Increases the tendons and ligaments to tolerate load:

Helping prevent a bunch of soft tissue injuries and increasing the health of the joint⁣

Improved body composition:

Muscle is an active tissue meaning it burns energy (as opposed to fat tissue). This is good if we want to be lean. More lean muscle tissue = better fat burner. ⁣

What does this kind of training look like? ⁣

- More volume: sets of 8-15 reps ⁣

- Lower intensity: as volume goes up intensity/load must go down. ⁣

- Greater variation of exercises ⁣

- Increase time under tension: specifically the eccentric/lowering phase of the lift.⁣

After a cycle like this we’ll then go back into focusing on more athletic qualities like speed, strength, power and energy system development.

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