Nutrition 101

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Eat real foods, mostly plants, and not too much.

I think this is the simplest (& best) nutrition advice I’ve come across. ⁣

I love pretty much everything Ben Bergeron has to say. And I’m certainly no nutritionist and don’t pretend to be, but this gem of information is something people can apply today. ⁣He got the idea from Michael Pollan, who wrote the book 'In Defense of Food'.

The nutrition world is always trying to sell us something. Paleo, keto, zone, macros, this diet, that diet, this juice, that juice - all claiming to be ‘the one.’ ⁣

  • I like parts of paleo because it tends to get people eating real foods;⁣

  • I like parts of keto because gets people to stop eating so many unnecessary carbohydrates;⁣

  • I like parts of zone because it involves some time spent not eating (or ‘intermittent fasting’); ⁣

  • And I like parts of macro because it teaches calorie control. ⁣

But we don’t need to be cult like in our following of any one diet / meal plan. Don’t be looking for ‘the answer,’ look for better habits. ⁣

We should narrow our aim to 3 things:⁣

1. Eating real food -

Either it came from the ground, water or had eyes (vegetarian/vegan discussion for another time). ⁣

2. Eating mostly plants -

The majority of your plate should be vegetables. ⁣

3. Not eating too much -

2-3 meals per day. Don’t snack and don’t go for seconds. ⁣

I love the simplicity of this. Yes we can argue that certain populations need more food. Yes we can argue certain populations need less. Yes we can argue some need more carbs and some need less. Some have intolerances and some don’t. But if you’re an average person looking for a healthy ‘diet,’ get these 3 consistently down pat before you worry about going any deeper (if you’re honest with yourself, it’s much harder than you think). ⁣

For more information on Ben and his thoughts on training, nutrition and mindset head to his website -

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