Single Leg Training

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

How many legs do you run on at once?

That’s often the answer I give when I get asked about single leg training (I tend to answer questions with a question back). ⁣

In team sports we also frequently jump, land and change direction using only one leg. ⁣

Usually that’s enough to get an athlete to understand the importance of doing things on one leg. I may also add that we are trying to minimise imbalances between limbs with the ultimate aim of reducing the likelihood of injury. ⁣

Here’s Junior performing a Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (SL RDL). ⁣

If you haven’t before, give this a go with your body weight only - you will instantly feel your level of proprioception (how well you keep yourself stable). ⁣

You should feel the muscles of your feet and lower limb working hard to maintain balance as well as tension on your hamstrings as you slide your hips back and then a solid butt contraction as you snap your hips forward. If your reps don’t look like Junior’s without any resistance, it needs work and certainly shouldn’t be loaded. ⁣

When training for strength we will generally hit sets of 5. When training for technique/skill development we go for 8-12. ⁣

⁣If you don’t care about injury reduction and you just want to look good, this is an excellent exercise to shape your post chain i.e. booty gains 🍑

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