130 Hour Rule

The last couple of posts on instagram have been highlighting a couple of consistent legends in our gym got me thinking about a ‘rule’ I heard years ago from renowned ‘no bullshit’ trainer Rob MacDonald @bobbymaximus⁣ (https://www.bobbymaximus.com/) ⁣ It was the 130 hour rule. That is, to get an average person fit or in reasonable shape, it takes 130 hours. Where does this number come from? This is the equivalent to training for one hour a day, five days a week for six months. ⁣ ⁣ Most people don’t want to hear this. Instant gratification and instant satisfaction is a part of the world we are living in. We have access to just about anything we want by reaching into our pockets and whipping out our smart phone. The ‘fitness industry’ is very good at using this impatient attitude to sell us things. And we’ve all heard these before: ⁣

‘For just eight minutes a day, you can use this special ab machine and *tone* you’re entire body’ ⁣ ‘Having two cups of this *skinny tea* a day will fast track your progress’ ⁣ ‘This protein shake will get you to stack on slabs of shredded muscle’ ⁣ ‘Try this *fill in the blank rubbish shortcut to health & fitness*’ ⁣

We are told the things we want to hear. People are looking for ‘the answer’ to their health and fitness concerns and companies will use this vulnerability to sell nonsense. ⁣ I honestly see it as preying on the uneducated. Because anyone that knows anything about health can see right through these empty sales pitches. ⁣ ⁣ Anyway, back to the 130 hour rule. Obviously there countless factors to consider before attaching a time frame to fitness. The goal of the individual, the intensity of training, the type of training, the effort put in, the list is just about endless. But the main take away I get from this idea is that there are no shortcuts. ⁣ ⁣ If you are looking to improve your health & fitness, understand and appreciate that real results are going to take time. The good thing is, and I’m sure almost everyone will agree, that time is flying by. It’s already 2019. And before we know it, half the year will have past. I can guarantee that if you put in a training session, five days a week, from now till then, you will be a much healthier, happier version of yourself.

For more information on the 130 hour rule head to www.bobbymaximus.com/the-130-hour-rule/ to find out more. #one22

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