Barbell Complexes

Complexes are a great training tool to add into your program. It involves performing 2 or more exercises (as shown in the videos) back to back without any rest breaks. Here’s how I add them into my sessions ⁣ ⁣ Warm up: ⁣ If the goal of that training session is some sort of olympic lift or heavy compound movement. It pays to have these movement patterns honed in prior to going heavy. ⁣ For example... If I was planning on building up to a heavy clean and jerk, it would be useful to warm up with a light complex of deadlifts, hang cleans, front squats and finish with a jerk overhead. ⁣ This way, every movement, joint and muscle group that forms a clean and jerk is specifically being warmed up prior to going heavy. ⁣ ⁣

When I’m short on time: ⁣ We’re all busy but I hate the excuse - “I don’t have time to train”⁣ If all you have is 15 minutes you can get in a solid few rounds of barbell complexes like in the first video. I get through 10 overhead presses, 10 RDL’s and 10 bent over rows in around 40 seconds. ⁣ Have 1 minute rest between rounds and you’ve gotten in 7-9 rounds of this barbell complex. That 70-90 reps on each of these big 3 compound movements. If your aim is strength, drop reps to less than 3, go heavier and increase rest periods. ⁣ ⁣ Grip strength: ⁣ As I mentioned above, the first video took me around 40-45 seconds to complete 30 reps. The entire time my grip is getting taxed and is one of the limiting factors when doing barbell complexes.⁣ Now, not every set has to be 30 reps, you could go heavier and keep the reps closer to 10 or go lighter and keep the reps closer to 100. ⁣ Both ways will challenge your grip differently and carry over to your grip strength on other barbell movements. ⁣ ⁣ As a conditioning finisher: ⁣ If you’re someone wanting to improve your conditioning without performing traditional “cardio” such as running or cycling. Throwing in a barbell complex at the end of a session is a great way to shoot your heart rate through the roof and getting you blowing. I’d recommend going lighter and performing complexes closer to a minute in length with less rest period. #one22

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