4 Unorthodox But Worthwhile Practices for Fitness

We like to keep things as simple as possible:

  • If you want to get stronger, lift heavy weights off the ground, put heavy things overhead, carry heavy things.

  • If you want to lose weight, eat real foods, eat until satisfied not until you're stuffed... and walk more.

  • If you want to run faster, you should probably practise running faster.

  • If you want to improve anything, focus on doing the little things well, consistently over the haul.

And I would say that's pretty good advice...

A lot of the stuff you see in the fitness industry, is quite frankly, a load of shit.

All the juices, and detoxes, and shakes, and training plans ugh! The training plans that promise miracles from the least effort possible. It's painful to see. And it's embarrassing.

That's okay, we'll stick with what's worked over the long term. We'll stick to the simple things and do them - as Mark Verstegen would say - "savagely well."

But there are some things that are getting some science behind them. Some things we've tried on ourselves and have seen a noticeable impact on our performance. These things are something we think everybody should learn (and do) if they value their health and fitness. None of them are difficult nor require any expensive equipment or changes to your life.

Take a look at the slides to see what we recommend you incorporate into your life to optimise your performance. You'll realise they're not very "out of the box.”



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