5 Holes To Fill In Your S&C Program

I like to constantly think about what we're not doing in our programming. What are we missing? What can we get better at?

Proudly though, these are things that people often miss, that we make sure to hit in our programs at different times of the year.


Humans are built to carry. In terms or fitness and athletic performance it provides one of the best returns with very little risk. It's so simple yet so effective.

To add carries into your programming pick 1 of these 3 (ideally all): bear carry, suitcase carry or farmers carries - use the Google machine to learn what they are. Mix up the sets, reps, loads and durations. Go heavy. Go light. Go short. Go long. And go somewhere in between.


Alactic work is max effort intervals under 10 seconds. Think 50m sprint or 5 second all out efforts on an assault bike. Most people are really good at hitting 30:30 intervals or going for slowl 7km runs. Most people miss the most powerful energy system in the body.

To train this system - do efforts 10 seconds or less. And have a ratio of at least 1 to 10 rest. For example - if you work for 5 seconds, have 55 seconds rest. Repeat for 5 to 15 minutes.


One of my favourite tools for performance is hill sprints. Most people rarely sprint in their training. When they do it's often with bad technique. Hill sprinting fixes this. Hill sprinting puts you into a natural sprinting position - forward lean and forefoot striking being the key. You can focus on sprinting and less on technique. There is also less impact as your foot doesn't travel as far before hitting the ground.

To train hill sprints: find a hill, sprint up it, walk down, sprint up and repeat. If it hurts your knees to walk down, they are likely weak. Follow @kneesovertoesguy to improve knee strength and function.


Get cold and get hot. We rarely have to deal with the elements outside anymore. We evolved to thrive off this stress, but it's no longer a big part of our lives.

Daily cold showers should be a minimum (discomfort is not an excuse to skip). Ice bath at least weekly. And when you can, get in a sauna.


I'm not asking you to stretch here - although it may help. I'm asking you to work into full ranges of motion. Not only does it help your performance on game day, but you'll age better and your joints will feel better.

When you're squatting, go deep (not always and don't compromise your technique, but work on being able to access the deep squat position). When deadlifting, do it from the floor sometimes. When doing pull-ups, hang in the bottom position for a second. When bench pressing, let the bar hit your chest. When doing split squats, raise your back leg and let that knee hit the deck. You don't have to become a yogi to get mobile.



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