About Our Gym

We opened our facility to bring together like-minded, hard working individuals to chase their health and fitness goals.

Our aim is to create a tight-knit community of happy, healthy, hungry and humble people who are driven to be the best version of themselves.

We offer a competitive training environment for athletes as well as a private facility for those less comfortable in a group setting.

With over a decade of combined experience in the exercise and performance industry, we have:

· Trained, screened and tested athletes from a variety of sports including Australian Rules Football, soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket, golf, tennis and basketball;

· Helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and fitness goals;

· Been exposed to some of the most elite High-Performance programs and facilities in the world including the UFC Performance Institute, the University of Oregon and the Seattle Seahawks;

· Developed annual training programs to optimise performance at both team and individual level; and

· Been heavily involved in team sports (as players).

Our humble facility is proof that you don’t need fancy equipment or the latest gadgets – just a commitment to show up and a willingness to put your best effort in. ‘We can provide the car, we can even give you the directions, but YOU need to be the one behind the wheel.’


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