Be Time Efficient in the Gym

Why are sessions always 45 minutes to an hour? Probably because that's what fills up group classes and personal training sessions. ⠀

I think that's stupid...⠀

Some sessions should be 10 minutes. Some 90 Minutes. Some could be a 1-minute max assault bike. Tell me if you really want the other 59 minutes after that. ⠀

Do you really need to foam roll for 15 minutes before your session? Can’t you do it between sets? Could you superset your accessory work? What about your max strength work? Is all the banded stuff really paying off? ⠀

If you're lucky enough to have a gym at home like us, you can break your day up into 3 x 10 minute sessions. You could also go in and do 1 lift, say a squat. Hit your 5 sets of 5 or whatever you're doing. Come back a few hours later and do your pull-ups. ⠀

If you don't have a garage gym... GET ONE! ⠀

But seriously, what you could do is do all the bodyweight strength and cardio stuff away from the gym and be more efficient when you have to go in there. Don't sit on your phone between sets. Don't waste unnecessary time "activating" every muscle in the body. You're lifting 20kg, I don't think you need to be "activated."⠀