Big Ass Smoothies

Want something delicious every day that you don’t have to feel guilty about?⁣

Something that will actually energize you instead of making you feel like shit?⁣

Yeah, same here…⁣

I look forward to my big ass smoothie every day. It’s something I have post-training session – when I’m a little drained and my bodies looking to refuel.⁣

I think there’s a misconception about smoothies being unhealthy and full of calories. It’s simply not true (unless you let a 6 year old design yours…). But not all smoothies are created equal, and if you think a handful of berries are going to make you fat, you’ve got bigger problems. ⁣

Big ass smoothies DON’T have to be calorie dense. If you make them right, they should be more nutrient dense (more nutrients, less calories).⁣

The infographics accompanying this post ( were created by @precisionnutrition (again, go follow them! They’re much smarter than us on the topic). But I find these super helpful when concocting my smoothies.⁣

The great thing about smoothies is that you can chuck a boat load of great things in (that you generally wouldn’t eat together), blend them up, add a bit of tasty protein powder or peanut butter, and it tastes fantastic.⁣

Again, these don’t have to be calorie dense. Use water instead of milk. Use ice instead of ice cream (to thicken). Use less nuts or don’t use them at all. Frozen berries (and frozen fruit in general) are a god-send and you should stock up on them. They’re also more cost effective than fresh fruit off the shelf.⁣

The advice we gave yesterday was to ‘eat a rainbow’. That means something green, something blue / purple, something red, something orange and something white... every day. In yesterday’s post you’ll find plenty of examples for each colour group.⁣

If you eat one big ass salad and drink one big ass smoothie every day, you’ll have most of your nutritional needs ticked off. Now you’ve just got to focus on eating the right amount, and you’re golden!⁣

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