Breathe Before You Leave

I received a funny message from one of our members recently. He said he felt sick when he got home after his 10 second assault bike sprints. It's as if the intensity of the session caught up to him after he'd finished.⁣

It’s not surprising and it’s not new.⁣

It’s why we encourage clients to get control of their breath before leaving the gym. It's IMPORTANT!⁣

Remember that TRAINING IS STRESS. That's why we adapt and become better after it.⁣

It's a sympathetic state and the higher the intensity - the greater the sympathetic state you've likely pushed yourself into.⁣

But we only get better from the training session when we've had time to recover (parasympathetic state). The faster we can recover, the faster we can train again and repeat the process. If we get good at this balance - stress, recover, stress, recover - we will start to see results much faster.⁣

So when this member left the gym he was in a very sympathetic or stressed state (our fault for not slowing him down). And it's what most people do... They get straight onto their phones, in their cars, they drive home and deal with their family or emails. It's all stress and it all accumulates.⁣

These stresses layer on top of one another and a few hours might go by, before you've had a chance to calm down and switch back into a parasympathetic (recovery) state.⁣

Very few of us take the time to transition into a state of adaptation. But all hope is not lost. Breathwork is a free and powerful method to kickstart the recovery process. Here's how...⁣

  • Lay flat on your back (legs up on something if you want) or sit comfortably somewhere⁣

  • Breathing only through your nose (we're going to go through 3-5 minutes of the following)⁣

  • Inhale for