Build Your Own Strength Training Plan

When you understand how to build your own strength plan, your training becomes very simple. Just add in the days you want to hit each of the Big 5 movement patterns. Plug and play the exercises you want to do that fit into that category. Perform them with good technique. Do them consistently. Progress by adding load, volume, speed or improving technique over time.

What are the Big 5?


Any kind of upper body pressing movements such as push-ups, bench press, overhead press.


Any kind of upper body pulling movements such as single arm rows, pull-ups and inverted rows.


The hip hinge - mostly focused on posterior chain development such as RDL's, kettlebells swings and deadlifts.


Knee dominant exercises such as goblet squats, front squats and overhead squats


Pick a weight up and carry it from point A to point B. Exercises such as farmers walks, suitcase carries and bear carries fit in here.

It was Dan John that said:

“Here is the program design process in a nutshell.

1. Determine which postures and patterns to do (what exercises)

2. Determine the number of movements to be done (sets and reps)

3. Determine the load to use on the movements (what weight)” 

We just covered number 1 - which exercises.

To help with 2 and 3 quickly.

To get stronger - lift heavy weights, for less than 5 reps each set. Stick to the rule of 10 most of the time (under 10 top-end reps - this does not include warm-ups). Do this at least once a week on the main lifts.

To get bigger - lift medium weights for 8-12 reps and go closer to failure. 3-4 sets is generally a nice idea. Eat enough food. Get plenty of sleep.

If you need help with this, watch this video and then send us a message.



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