Can The Sauna Improve Your Endurance?

Short answer: yes. ⠀

And here's why...⠀

A study published in the "Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports" tested the "Effect of post-exercise sauna bathing on the endurance performance of competitive male runners."⠀

All the participants had to do, was have 2 sauna's a week for 30 minutes immediately after a training session. They reached a level of tolerable discomfort. The experiment ran for 3 weeks = 6 total sauna sessions = 3 hours of sauna time. ⠀

They tested the athletes before and after on a "run to exhaustion" test. ⠀

The athletes that completed the sauna bathing protocols increased time to exhaustion 32% more than the control group (no sauna bathing). ⠀

This leads to roughly a 2% improvement in an endurance time trial. ⠀

The study concluded that the improvements in endurance were likely due to a 7.1% increase in plasma volume and a 3.5% increase in red blood cell count. ⠀


There are other studies that have looked into the effect it has on heat acclimation, fuel sparing and thermoregulation (ability to control body temp). Which all contribute to endurance performance. There's also a lot of work out there around longevity, inflammation, and optimising performance. We'll cover all that in the future. ⠀

So what can you do? ⠀

Buy a sauna. ⠀

Build a sauna. ⠀