Carnivore Diet Month - A Review

** This is not a prescription for anyone. This is a recap of one individual’s experience. We believe in going deep on something for ourselves before making judgements / conclusions / recommendations on it. **

Also, worth noting before there are any ethical arguments, we will be doing a vegetarian month before the end of the year. This isn’t about ethics or morals. This is about human health and performance.

Most that follow this page know that a few of us from the gym trialled a carnivore month. We dove right into it with four weeks of strict eating. Animal products (not with added processing like milk or cheese), tea, coffee with heavy cream and water is what we limited ourselves too. I’ve broken this post into the areas that I believe were most impacted by the diet. This is from Dan’s perspective:

General mood and energy:

Unreal. Consistently awake, alert and full of energy. No lulls throughout the day. Always wanting to use that energy for something (train / work / read / cook / anything to be productive). I think because I’d done a low carb diet in the past, I didn’t have the ‘carb comedown’ that many talk about in that first week or so of removing carbohydrate. Often when someone removes sugars from their diet, they experience almost a withdrawal type of feeling – the severity no doubt depends on how much sugar was in the diet to begin!


Like an absolute log. 8.30pm – 4.30am every night. Never restless and always woke refreshed. I’ve always been a decent sleeper anyway but waking up seemed easier. I never felt like sleeping in or taking a nap throughout the day.


Never hungry and never full. I felt like I could eat as much as I wanted at meals and I would never describe myself as full, just satisfied – completely satisfied. Early on, the want for snacks was definitely there which made me realise that had been a habit of mine – as soon as I’d feel even slightly hungry, I’d grab a snack. It took under a week before I wasn’t even thinking of snacking.

I’m usually a two-meal-a-day person anyway but fasting every morning was an absolute breeze. I honestly never ate because I was hungry, I would only eat because I knew I needed the calories (I didn’t track any calories).

I found myself drinking a lot more. Tea, coffee and water were my only beverages. I had heavy cream (all fat and no sugar) in my coffee and black tea. I’d sip on 2-3 of each plus 2-3 glasses of water throu