Covid-19 & The 5 Facets Of Fitness

Mindset, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery.⁣

The Corona Virus may have slightly impaired one of them – Movement.⁣

You can’t lift heavy weights or use your favourite machine at the gym, so what?⁣

Now you’ve got the chance to work on the other 4 areas you’ve been neglecting.⁣

Now’s is a good chance to focus on developing habits. It’s likely that you’ve got more time on your hands to start putting some systems in place so when this does pass over, your mindset and your behaviours are more closely linked to your aspirations. I can’t recommend James Clear’s Book – Atomic Habits – any more at this stage!⁣

Now’s a good chance to focus on your sleep. Sporting venues are closed. Clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants are all shutting down. Many people aren’t working. The reasons you previously had for staying up late or getting up super early are now gone. So let’s focus on getting a solid 8 hours each night and note the difference it makes on your energy throughout the day.⁣

Now’s a good chance to focus on your nutrition. Yes, some people are going mental at the supermarket and stripping the shelves bare of spaghetti and canned beans. So what? The last time I checked the fruit and veg section is still as full as ever. Remember what we’ve said in the past? Eat real foods, mostly plants, and not too much.⁣

Now’s a good chance to focus on your recovery. Maybe it’s time to start that yoga or stretching practice that you’ve

been putting off for years. Order a foam roller off Amazon for 15 bucks and start using it. Head down to the beach and take a walk in the cold water. Start meditating or going for long walks. There’s no excuse not to anymore.⁣

And in saying all that, your training shouldn’t even be affected all that much. You can still get in some bodyweight strength, some aerobic exercise and some speed and power work. Just because you might not have access to a heavy barbell, doesn’t mean training has to stop.⁣ Use this time to catch up on the areas you’ve been neglecting!



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