Discipline Equals Freedom

People think that having a clear structure and routine sounds restricting. I think the opposite is true.⠀

The more structure and routine you have around your life, the more freedom you have to do what you like.⠀

Ever had the whole day to do something, so you keep putting it off over and over again? When the end of the day comes around you realise you haven't done the one thing you needed to do...⠀

What about the alternative?⠀

Your schedule is fully booked. You need to get up, go to the gym, come home, straight to work, after work you've got some study or another responsibility and before you know it, the days gone. But you got a shitload done!⠀

A task will take as long as it is assigned. The worst thing you can do is have no sort of structure. It's not freeing. It's a waste of time.⠀

While we're in lockdown, it's important to maintain as much of a routine as you can. Stay structured as if you were still working or still had the responsibilities you normally have.⠀

Just because you don't HAVE to have a structure, doesn't mean you should forget about it altogether. It was Jocko Willink that said, "Discipline Equals Freedom."⠀

It couldn't be more accurate and more helpful at a time like this.⠀

Keep the morning alarm.⠀