Do What You're NOT Good At

We get asked to write programs for individuals all the time. ⁣

You know where we start? ⁣

- What are you not doing? ⁣

If your program is all strength work - we will add in conditioning. ⁣

If your program is all dumbbells and barbells - we will get you moving your bodyweight. ⁣

If your program is all stretching or yoga - we will encourage you to sling some steel. ⁣

If all you do is upper body, you can be sure we will work on the lower half. ⁣

The things we aren’t doing are more often than not the things we don’t enjoy - the things we aren’t good at. ⁣

No one wants to spend time doing things they suck at. Majority of the time, people will gravitate to what they’re good at and what they enjoy. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. ⁣

The things we AREN’T good at and the things we DON’T generally enjoy are the things we should gravitate toward if your goal is overall health and well rounded fitness. ⁣

These are the things that will give you your biggest return. ⁣

Take an assessment of your current training. What’s it look like? What’s it missing? Add that in. ⁣