Eat A Brekky That you Actually Look Forward To

I thought about this as I was cooking breakfast this morning. ⁣

This is a mean feed that covers your bases. It’s one of not many meals that I rotate through!

Multiple serves of sweet potato, about half a red and half a green capsicum, half an onion, 8-10 cherry tomatoes, bulk diced bacon, bulk herbs, served with 4 scrambled eggs. ⁣

**must also add cheese and mix together so it looks like a dogs breakfast! ⁣

This will prepare you for whatever your day has in store. I like it late in the week with the carbs ready to be churned up for energy. ⁣

Eating real food is pretty good advice and it means it either had eyes or it came from the ground. Avoid food-like substances. That’s the stuff in packets that tells you how good it is for you. ⁣