Eventually You Just Have To Do More Work

There’s a common theme running through the fitness industry – “How can we do the least possible work?”⁣

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – training optimally can reduce injury risk and maintain energy levels. Why do 5 sets when you could do 3 and get the same result?⁣

But that constant notion of “what’s the shortcut… what’s the least I can do… how can I hack this?” is the wrong frame of mind. In the end, you’re going to have to do more work than you have in the past (progressive overload)⁣

You need to do more.⁣

More sets.⁣

More reps.⁣

More weight.⁣

More k’s.⁣


It’s probably going to be a little bit uncomfortable – most things worth doing are.⁣

You’re not going to hack your way to peak performance with little tricks. You have to dig, and strain, and work to make headway. You’re going to have get a little uncomfortable in order to get better.⁣