F*CK Your Motivation

I hate the ‘motivation’ excuse. It infuriates me beyond measure. Are you really going to rely on something so fleeting?⁣

Nobody in the world is constantly motivated. In fact most people aren’t motivated majority of the time. As Scott Carney would say “people love comfort to the point of absurdity.” When given the option of staying in your warm bed or getting up at 5am to exercise - most will be ‘motivated’ to stay in bed. It’s natural. Does that mean we just hit snooze and try again tomorrow? Fuck no. ⁣

Thousands of years of evolution have evolved us into a fat storing, calorie consuming, lazy bastards. We’re designed to binge eat and conserve energy whenever possible. It’s built into our DNA. This was useful when you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from and life was hard. ⁣

Well guess what? We’re not struggling for survival anymore. We can get a large pizza and G bread delivered to our door, and the only place we have to forage for food is in the bottom of the pantry.⁣

Food is abundant now, we’re comfortable, we don’t technically have to move all that often. All those adaptations we made when food was scarce are no longer useful… they’re actually harmful – enter obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease…⁣

So if you think us (as human beings) can rely on motivation to exercise hard and eat well (and eat the right amount), then you’re kidding yourself! It goes against our very nature.⁣

Okay, so nature fucked us. I guess we’re screwed…⁣


Luckily, we have that squishy thing in our head called a brain that allows us to take some control over our own lives. Thank god for nature... ⁣