Home Gym Starter Kit Under $200

Amidst all the chaos and the unknown of the corona virus, it seems timely that we give some advice on what you should buy to make training at home a little more interesting. ⁣

Along with this post, we’ll be adding a daily workout using the equipment listed in this post. ⁣

We hope that you place enough value on on your health and fitness during this time that you go out and spend a small amount of money in this area. ⁣

With some people working less you may not be earning enough to warrant this extra expense (although you will be saving money on things like going out to eat, socialising, gym memberships, sports etc.). If this is the case, just follow the body weight only program. ⁣

So here’s what you should buy and why: ⁣

#1 Wooden Gym Rings - $65 (Amazon). Wooden rings are versatile and add an

extra element to body weight training. One of the key problems with body-weight-only training is the lack of pulling and posterior chain upper body work available. Training the muscles you don’t see in the mirror is arguably more important than training the ones you do see (especially for posture, sports performance and general function). These rings allow you to do exercises like rows, pull-ups, dips and variations of other body weight exercises. ⁣

#2 Resistance bands - $12 + $44 (1 red, 2 black from Amazon). Bands are great additions to any program. They can add variety into body weight training and also increase the intensity of body weight work. We also like to use them for posterior chain, accessories and core work. ⁣

#3 Kettlebell $48 plus shipping (12kg bell from Kettlebells Australia). You may need to get a slightly heavier bell if you’re on the stronger side but I’d stick to a 12 or 16, maybe 20kg if you’re really

strong. Kettlebells are extremely versatile and can be used for exercises such as kettlebell swings, presses, rows, goblet squats and for loading up body weight movements. ⁣

Keep an eye on this page as we’ll be updating a different workout every day using this equipment, we also post body weight-only sessions for those that don’t buy these items.#one22#homegym


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