How Are You Spending Your Time?

This ones a bit left of field from us, but the message is important. ⠀

I watched a doco recently called @thesocialedilemma - It's about how much social media and big tech companies are effecting our lives. In summary, they're very addicting, manipulating and life-changing. Honestly, it's quite eye-opening. Go watch it. ⠀

But the point of this post isn't to scare you, simply to ask how you're spending your time. If you're someone that uses the old "I just don't have time" excuse then maybe you should check the screen time on your phone. It's right there in "settings," to truly see how much time you "don't have." My old man works 60+ hours a week and has 8 kids. He finds the time to train almost every day. ⠀

Watching the doco made me think of a book I read called Digital Minimalism by @calnewport - The book's about using technology to your advantage. Like a tool. Instead of letting it control you and your time. Instead of simply scrolling or wasting time watching garbage, you can use it to learn, be productive and enhance your life. Not take away from it. Nick Wignall does a good job summarising the book: ⠀

1. Technology use should be intentional, not habitual.⠀

2. Technology is for making stuff not feeling better.⠀

3. Technology should never come before people.⠀

Go read it.⠀

Anyone that's spent a lot of time on social media understands that it's a drain. It sucks your time and your energy. You don't feel good after endless scrolling. I bet if you spent time away, you wouldn't miss it. ⠀

I wasn't one to spend copious amounts of time on the socials. But my screen time was higher than I liked or what I thought necessary. So I changed some things. Check out the photos accompanying this point for what I did...⠀

If you do the same, you can expect a lot more time up your sleeves. Good! Go read a book. Run up a hill. Learn a new skill. Take your dog for a walk. Spend time being bored. Prioritise family. You'd be surprised at how much time you have and how much better you feel when you're not wasting time on your dog and bone. ⠀

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