How Should You Train?

Dan John - one of our favourite strength coaches, developed the "Quadrants" to help you classify how you should be training depending on your goals. (image from

"The four quads are determined by two simple concepts:

1. The number of qualities the athlete needs to master the sport

2. The relationship to the Absolute Maximum of each quality"

So what are the quadrants?

Q1: Lots of qualities at a low level

- Physical Education

It's unlikely that you fit into this category if you're reading this. Although we do have some students that follow our pages and train in our gym. But we all likely went through PE class in school. This is where Quadrant 1 fits.

We were introduced to lots of games, sports, movements and strategies at a basic level. This is an important Quadrant. It's basically GPP - General Physical Preparation.

In order to reach your athletic potential it's impor