How Strong Is Too Strong?

There is no too strong.

There's strong enough...

There's incorrectly prioritizing strength ahead of other athletic qualities...

But there's no too strong.

The stronger you get, the more force you can push into the ground.

The stronger you get, the better you are at the physical contest.

The stronger you get, the less likely you are to get injured.

Getting stronger makes everything you do on the field a smaller percentage of your max effort. Think about it. Who's going to have an easier time tackling the man that weighs 80kg? The guy that can deadlift 100 or the guy that can deadlift 250?

Each time you change direction, or take off on a sprint or try to muscle your way through a contest, you're exerting force into the ground. Each time you deadlift, squat, OHP or Olympic lift, you're exerting force into the ground.

Increase your foundation to push force into the ground and you increase your capacity to do those activities - they become a smaller percentage of your max effort - making you more efficient - you use up less energy each time and save it for more high-intensity efforts later.

Now, I don't care how strong your bicep curl is or how much you can knee extension, that's mostly useless.

But you should ruthless on the:

Front squat.

Overhead press.

TB deadlift.

Bench pull.


And on all kinds of carries.

If you can Oly lift. Do that.

If you like to bench, that won't hurt.

You can't get too strong in these patterns.

But don't compromise your other qualities. It's easy to fall in love with something you’re good at and constantly chase strength - which is fine if you're a powerlifter, but we deal with athletes. You need to be well-rounded.

Make sure that your speed is increasing at the same time. Make sure you're not adding too much mass to your frame. Make sure your endurance and anaerobic capacity is rock solid. Make sure you can toes your toes and reach overhead.

But don’t stop pursuing lifelong strength gains for fear of being “too strong.”

Here’s a video of @dannyclacks pulling a smooth 225kg mid week during this years footy season.



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