How to Gain an Edge in Local Footy

Train fast. Train speed. Train maximal effort.

Every club thinks they're training hard. The phrase "no other clubs are doing this kind of work boys." Is a term loosely thrown around with little to no evidence.

The truth is, every team is training hard. Every team is putting in work. Every team thinks they're working the hardest.

The problem is, they're putting their eggs in the wrong basket.

Every team is doing a 2 or 3km time trial - maybe even a beep test. Every team runs 400's at training. Most teams do some sort of tough and "mentally challenging" preseason camp. Most local footballers are quite capable of going out and running a slow 7-8km a couple times a week. They thinks that's enough.

While your training might be hard, you might even throw up. You'll feel like you're improving. And you will be (as much as the next guy down the road).

But you're probably missing one of the most important fitness qualities in footy - Speed.

Speed kills.

Most teams don't train fast. Every session turns into conditioning. If you're running fast, but feel like you're going to puke, you're not working on speed.

Speed is maximal effort. Maximal intensity.

If you want to become more explosive, if you want to run faster, you need to sprint, and sprint maximally.

That means efforts under 10 seconds (probably stick to under 6 seconds during training) and full rest (2 minutes or so for a 6 second effort), 3-5 mins for a 10 second effort. And keep the volume low. You should only be doing a few sets of this maximal intensity work. Once you feel your speed start to dip, you're no longer working on speed. End the session.

Doesn't sound like enough work right? Good it shouldn't. No one else is doing it. It could be your secret weapon.



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