How to Get Better Sleep

Sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health. Every system and function in the body is enhanced by getting quality sleep (and negatively affected by poor sleep). You should probably get better at it!

Here’s a few ways you can...

- Remove the tv from your room

- No screens 1 hour before bed

- Stretch and / or foam roll while focusing on your breath before bed

- Have a hot bath 1 hour before bed

- Develop a breath practice just prior to bed - focus on slowing your breath down and extending the exhales

- Get sunlight early on in the day

- Get movement early on in the day

- Don’t exercise to close to bed

- Avoid caffeine and stimulants after 11am

- Get 10,000 steps during the day

- Read a book in last half hour before target sleep time

- Avoid drinking more than 1 beer in the afternoon

- Have some sort of routine: mine is foam roll, then cold plunge, then stretch and breath work

- Don’t eat too close to bed

- Don’t go to bed hungry

- Do some light housework like the dishes or a small clean up to wind down

- Turn off most lights in the house

- Wear blue light blocking glasses

- Change the globes in your room to a red light

- When you can’t get to sleep, don’t spend more than 15 minutes laying in bed. Get up, read or do some light chores until you’re tired. NO SCREENS!

- Do a brain dump - where you write everything down that’s on your mind, or everything you need to do the next day

- Practice meditation during the day - this will make it easier to control the on / off switch when it comes to winding down

- Don’t nap too late in the afternoon

- Try to sleep and wake at the same time each day - the body loves routine.

- Exercise more - give your body a reason to need rest

- Keep the room cool, dark and quiet

That’s it for today. There’s definitely more ways to get better sleep, but these are all things you could do today. Pick a few and implement them. We’d love to know if you try some of them and they make a difference. Sleep well you savages! 😴