How To Get Out Of Your Own Head

If you put your ‘self-talk’ on the loudspeaker at the gym. For everyone else to hear. Would you be proud of how what you were saying?

Here’s the scenario…

You’re midway through a hard conditioning piece. You feel your heartbeat speeding up. Your lungs are gasping for air. Your skin is dripping with sweat. You’re heating up.

The negative self-talk comes in. The inner bitch comes out.

You start questioning yourself. You start to argue with yourself. You trick yourself into slowing down. You bargain with yourself stop.

The inner bitch is convincing.

It doesn’t just say “slow down.” It goes on an epic tirade about how hard you’ve been training all week. How you haven’t eaten today. How you stuffed up the programming. How you made the session too hard.

Everyone goes through it. You’re not alone.

It doesn’t go away. Your inner bitch is ALWAYS gonna be there. It’s job is to prevent discomfort.

It’s hardwired into us to focus on the negatives in life. We were better able to adapt and survive in nature by focusing on the negatives. It’s better for our survival to learn what berries kill us as oppose to which ones taste the best. It’s better for us to learn that a grizzly bear will annihilate us than to learn which butterfly is prettiest.

But looking at life and your training through a negative lens just leads to more negativity. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s up to you to put it back in it’s place. It all comes down to how you talk to yourself in your head. It’s easy to pity yourself. It’s easy to say ‘woe is me’ during a hard session. It’s e