How to Stay Athletic During COVID

Hopefully, we only have a few more weeks of this COVID madness. But in order to be prepared for the worst, here's how you can stay athletic during lockdown (and afterwards for that matter).⁣

I ask you to spend some money in this post. Spend it. These are tools you can keep the rest of your life and will pay off when COVID is over. Consider it payment for this program.⁣

Here's what I want you to get...⁣

At the time of this writing, all of these are in stock at the location I have listed them.⁣

  1. Ab wheel $10 (Kmart)⁣

  2. Kettlebell 16 or 20kg males, 12 or 16kg females $70 (20kg - Flex Equipment)⁣

  3. Olympic rings $60 (Amazon)⁣

  4. Dead Ball - 45kg = strong guys. 35kg = strong girls $160 (45kg - Aussie Strength)⁣

  5. A heavier dumbbell or kettlebell 30-40kg = strong males. 15-25kg = strong females. $113 (32.5kg single dumbbell - Flex Equipment)⁣

Total: $413⁣

I recommend you get them all. You could probably make this program work without the dead ball. But I really like dead balls. Try and get them all. Why? Because I want your program to look like this (see the video of each exercise below):

Daily strength warm-up: ⁣

2 or 3 sets x 10 of⁣

Ab wheel⁣

Inverted rows⁣

Kettlebell swings & ⁣

Goblet squats ⁣

Day 1 - Strength:⁣

Standing broad jump - 5 x 3⁣

Single arm floor press 4 x 7⁣

Inverted rows with feet up 4 x 8⁣

Rear foot elevated split squat 4 x 5 ⁣

Suitcase carry 3 x 30 sec each side⁣

Day 2 - Strength:⁣

Standing vertical jump - 5 x 3⁣

Single arm half kneeling press 4 x 7 ⁣

Pull-ups 4 x MAX -2 (stay 2 reps from failure)⁣

Single leg RDL 4 x 5⁣

Bear carry 3 x 1 min⁣

Day 3 - Hill sprints⁣

Keep these as sprints = max effort⁣

The more rest the better.⁣

5 minute warm-up⁣

Stretch as needed⁣

10 x 5 sec⁣

5 x 10 sec⁣

2 x 15 sec⁣

1 x 20 sec⁣

Day 4 rest or repeat. ⁣

Make sure you have 1 rest day per week. ⁣

Feel free to superset any of these exercises. ⁣

Repeat until the end of COVID lockdowns. Stick with these exercises and you've got yourself a pretty good program. You've also got yourself a home gym for 400 bucks, and that my friends, is priceless.⁣



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