In-Season Training For Local Footballers

This is a little look at how the majority of our footballers have trained in the last 4 weeks.

Remember the goal of in-season training is to perform at our best on game day. We do that by taking care of current injuries/niggles, maintaining or improving fitness/athletic qualities like strength, speed and endurance, and work to prevent (minimise the risk of) injuries in the future.

Before you go through the training week below, keep these principles in mind...

1- Maintain or increase load and intensity. Even though you're fatigued from competing on a weekly basis, keep the intensity high (that means move fast and move heavy).

2- Reduce range of motion to prevent unnecessary soreness.

3- Reduce volume. Volume is basically the number of reps you do for a given exercise. Notice how many reps we do per main lift (mostly 2's and 3's each set).

4- Minimise variety. Variety (changing exercises from week to week, month to month) leads to soreness. We don't want that. Pick 6 key lifts, get really efficient at them, lift heavy, lift fast, rinse and repeat.

5- Use active recovery methods to flush out game day soreness.

6- Focus on current niggles, previous injuries and potential future injuries. You'll have sore spots and small injuries pop up in-season, fix them first. Then put time into spots you've had issues with in the past. Then, look at your sport and current weaknesses, and work on that.