Inexpensive Additions For Your Home Gym

We’re gonna keep this one practical. 

Things are looking good and the restrictions on the Corona Virus are slowly being lifted. Although gyms (especially big box and 24/7 gyms) are expected to be one of the last things to return to normal - hopefully not the same case for the garage and small group training. 

We HIGHLY recommend you get some of these items listed below. They don’t break the bank and they provide you with multiple training options for a well-rounded and exciting program. 

A lot of online stores are restocking at the moment, but the equipment listed below are things you could find at Kmart or local sporting goods stores. 

Ab wheel - $10 at Kmart. They’re our favourite tool for specific midline work. 

Rings / suspension trainer - $20 Kmart or under $100 online for quality rings. You could also get creative and buy some straps and some sort of handle from Bunnings. For a well-rounded program you need to be able to pull (vertically and horizontally). 

Skipping rope - $10-20. Most people probably have a jump rope at home. Great for low intensity plyometrics, conditioning, tendon stiffness and strengthening the ankle, foot and lower limb. 

Resistance bands - $73 from Amazon for a set of 5. Cheaper individually from Kmart. Great for adding load to BW movements as well as accessory exercises. 

A kettlebell or a dumbbell - great for pressing, swinging, squatting, hinging, rowing, carrying etc. If possible, get a heavy DB / KB (20-35kg) and a light one (7.5-15kg). 

Honourable mentions 

High paralettes

Pull up bar

Here’s a list of places you might want to check out: 

  • Any online fitness store 

  • Amazon / Gumtree / eBay 

  • Facebook Marketplace 

  • Local sporting goods stores 

  • Kmart / Big W

It’s worth doing some diggings online. Good luck! If you need a hand with your program when you do buy these bits and pieces, feel free to reach out. 

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