It's Not About The F*cking Program

One of my biggest pet peeves in this industry is people looking for the perfect program. The perfect exercise. The perfect set and rep scheme. Apparently, there’s some magic bullet going around that'll solve all your issues.

It’s not about the program! At the top level, all programs look remarkably similar. They push, they pull, they squat, they hinge, they carry. They work on the relevant energy systems relevant for that sport.

So what makes the difference? It’s the consistency, the crew and the coach - in that order.

It doesn’t matter how good the crew and the coach are, if you’re not showing up consistently and putting in the work (with intensity) then you’re going nowhere.

Next comes the crew. A good crew will make you want to train. You’ll enjoy training. You’ll enjoy struggling. I like how James Clear puts it - "join a group where the desired behaviour is the normal behaviour." You'll eventually line up your values and your habits (your lifestyle) to fit in with that crew.

Then comes the coach. A good coach knows when to push you, when to ease off and let you “do what you want.” A good coach will fix the big rocks missing in your technique. A good coach will understand that S&C is NOT ONLY about the program. We don’t live in a vacuum. What are you eating? How are you sleeping? How much self-care or maintenance are you doing? Do you have a growth or a fixed mindset? Are you focusing on your breathing throughout the day?

Then comes the program. Tick off the first three then worry about your stinking program. As Joe D says - “a poor program done perfectly is better than a perfect program done poorly.”

Stop searching for the magic program. Stop thinking that’s the answer. The search for the perfect program will stop you DOING today.



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