It's Not All Doom & Gloom

We pride ourselves on providing you guys with solid information that’s withstood the test of time. We’re not trying to sell you anything and we’re not offering any hacks or quick fixes. We put out information on things that work... consistency, simplicity, effort, movements not muscles, eat real food, mostly plants and not too much, get 8 hours of sleep etc. ⁣

It’s not sexy, but it’s true and it works. ⁣

As a collective, humans have a tendency to focus on things they DON’T have and things that they CAN’T change. ⁣

Corona virus isn’t going anywhere soon, so it’s a waste of time wishing that it would. No, it’s not an ideal time and unless you’re a newbie or you’ve got some heavy weights at home, you WILL lose some of your max strength.⁣

That’s not to say that you can’t minimise what you do lose. But just accept that some things will be diminished by the lockdown. ⁣

Now that we’ve accepted that, and we stop wishing that we weren’t in lockdown (because we are and may be for a long time), let’s focus on what we CAN do. ⁣

We CAN improve our bodyweight strength, mobility, speed and aerobic capacity. ⁣

We CAN spend more time on the foam roller, doing contrast showers, cold plunges or getting more sleep. ⁣

We CAN use this time to develop a meditation practice. ⁣

We CAN spend this time to learn more about training, eating healthy, reading books and developing better habits. ⁣

We’re constantly posting workouts that you could do on your own. We’re still allowed to run and bike. We’ve still got access to our own bodyweight and whatever else you have lying around the house. ⁣

If you’ve been skipping on your stretching and mobility then use this as a time to focus on that. ⁣

If you’re someone that can deadlift 200, but you struggle to do a chin-up, maybe it’s time you develop some body weight strength. ⁣

Let’s switch our mindsets from what CAN’T do, to what we CAN. Let’s stop wasting our energy wishing this virus weren’t here, IT IS, let’s just deal with it the best we can. ⁣

Use this as a chance to take your fitness into your own hands and to focus on the things you’ve been skipping.#one22#mindsetshift


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