Learn How To Breathe Through Your Nose

Breathing is fundamental to life. It's the most important thing you can do for your health - more important than nutrition and hydration. Without it, we’d last a few minutes. ⁣

We take 25,000 breaths a day. But how often do we think about it? ⁣

As long as you're still breathing, you're good, right? ⁣

Wrong! ⁣

Most of us are doing it wrong and it can have massive effects on our health, happiness, and performance. You probably don't think about HOW you're breathing until you have a blocked nose and are forced to mouth breathe. Right? ⁣

Mouth breathing has been associated with: ⁣

  • Asthma ⁣

  • Allergies ⁣

  • Fatigue ⁣

  • Obesity ⁣

  • Negative mood ⁣

  • Poor concentration ⁣

  • Sleep disorders ⁣

  • Heart problems ⁣

  • Mental health issues ⁣

  • Cranio-facial abnormalities ⁣

  • Plus a whole lot more ⁣

People always ask why can I breathe through my mouth then? Because it’s used…⁣

- As a back-up system in case of a blockage in the nose from injury / illness ⁣

- In emergency situations (i.e. you're getting chased by someone or something) ⁣

- As a top gear when performing short and high-intensity bursts of training ⁣

It’s very sympathetic and it should be used sparingly! See post from the other day on this.⁣

The biggest barrier people have with it is that they simply can’t do it. It is definitely a use it or lose it type scenario. The more you breathe through the nose, the more capable you are of using it. And mouth breathing begets more mouth breathing. But you can do it…⁣

Patrick McKeown is an expert on the topic, he’s seen over 7,000 patients in over 18 years. 15 of them couldn’t breathe through their nose. That’s a strike rate of 99.79%. It’s unlikely that you’re in the 0.21% that can’t use their nose. If you still believe this is you, try this advice.

steps to unblocking your nose so you can nasal breathe

When you hold your breath, and do physical exercise with your mouth closed, your nose opens up. Keep practicing through the nose, even if you feel a bit of ‘air hunger’ it will start to work. ⁣

Keep an eye on our page next week. We’ll be posting each day about how you can improve your breathing. ⁣

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