Learn the SKILL of Running

If you want to become a better swimmer, you learn the technique of swimming right? You might even take a class.

If you want to be get stronger, you learn the technique of the main lifts right? You might even hire a PT.

If you want to become a better boxer, you learn how to throw a punch right? You’d even hire a boxing coach.

If you want to get better at dance, or footy, or shot put, or golf, you learn that skill and often, you'll have a coach.

Running... "No thanks, I'm just gonna run!"

Just because running seems "natural" or something we do from an early age, most people never take the time to learn the skill of running. It's just like anything else in fitness. It's a skill that you need to work on and optimise (if you want to stay injury free and reach your potential).

I'm by no means saying I'm an expert or that I do it perfectly. The point of this post is to question if you've thought about it and to start implementing some strategies to get better. And don't get me wrong, I'd rather see people out there then sitting on the couch. But if you're constantly getting beat up from running, you're probably doing it wrong.