Looks Like Tarzan, Plays Like Jane

Ever played against someone you thought would be extremely strong, yet you had no problem throwing around?

What about someone you didn't look at twice but all of the sudden you're on the ground trying to work out if you just ran into him or a brick wall?

The problem is that most people equate bigger muscles with a stronger human. Unfortunately for most bro lifters - strength relies more heavily on the brain than muscle.

Muscle is only good if our brain can activate it. Yes, if we have more muscle we have more potential for strength. But that's all it is - potential.

The quality or function of that muscle in terms of sports performance, relies heavily on HOW you train.

You can get big arms doing bicep curls or pull-ups but only one of those makes you a better athlete.

Same goes for knee extensions vs back squats.

The number of reps you do on each set also effects how your muscles perform on game day.

Doing 3 sets of 10 or 10 sets of 3 results in 30 reps for the session. But only 1 of those ways is going to get you strong.

10x3 allows you to load more weight on the bar and will challenge you neurally (neural = brain).

3x10 means you can only put a fraction of that weight on the bar so there's less demand on the brain. There will also be more muscle damage this way. Muscle damage usually leads to more growth. More growth means bigger muscles.

So while the 3x10 guy might be getting "swole" - that muscle is mostly useless out on the field.

Our aim is get as strong as humanly possible without putting on unnecessary muscle mass. This way you can explode across the field and run all day.

Would you rather look like an athlete or be an athlete?



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