Massive Results DO NOT Require Massive Action

They require little action.⠀

Repeated often.⠀

Over the long haul.⠀

We think that in order to move towards something you want, it takes some sort of mind-blowing adjustment. It doesn’t.⠀

We convince ourselves that this one little act won’t impact your overall results. It will.⠀

Eating this salad now won’t make me lean. This one morning run won’t make me fit.⠀

It’s only when we look back one, three, maybe 10 or more years and realise the impacts of both the bad habits and the good. What did you neglect? What did you make time for?

Maybe we’re so stiff that we can’t touch our toes because we didn’t put aside 5 minutes to stretch each day.⠀

Maybe our joints hurt because we sat in our chair all day at work and dedicated no time to moving our body.⠀


Maybe you have gotten off medication because you started consuming vegetables at each meal.⠀

Maybe you made the senior team because you made your body stronger by training each day.⠀

The one session won’t get you there.⠀

The one meal won’t get you there.⠀

But guaranteed, over time, the habits you have today, adopt tomorrow and repeat will compound over time.⠀

Whether that be positive or negative will be up to you.⠀



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