Maximal Intensity Work

Repeat “sprint” piece @peter.clavin and I did today.

Session was:

5x4 sec efforts on the 60 seconds (ie 56 sec rest)

4x6 sec efforts on the 90 seconds

3x10 sec efforts on the 2 min

2x15 sec efforts on the 3 min


We went as hard as we possibly could on the echo bike for each effort.

This is the type of work that most team sport athletes are missing but the type of work that will improve their game the most.

Everyone is good at running 7k at a moderate pace. You’re not gaining an edge by pounding the pavement 3 times a week. It’s not going to make you a better fighter, footballer, basketballer, cricketer, netballer, rugby player or “insert any other team sport here.”

Maximal intensity work MUST be apart of your program if you want to get the most out of yourself.

Boot camps and “45 on, 15 off” intervals are also not maximal intensity. They won’t improve your ability to repeatedly explode and exert maximal effort/force.

To the untrained eye, this session doesn’t look like much. It’s a total of 2 minutes and 14 seconds of work. But if you forget about the next round and literally go as hard as you possibly can for each effort, I promise you, YOU WILL NOT want to do another effort.

After the 3x10 second round, I’d had enough. The last 3 efforts were a battle for both of us. But we’d had enough rest that our output stayed super high. Which is why it’s important to allow 23 minutes rest for a total of just over 2 minutes work.