Mental Health & COVID

Triple M recently talked about mental health and suicide rates in Victoria right now. James McLeod from Tobin Brothers spoke to them about the suicide rates being the highest rates he's seen in 33 years of doing funerals. Suicide is still the number one killer for 15-45 year olds in Australia. And 2/3 calls coming to the Beyond Blue mental health line are Victorians.

Our old solution of "not talking about it" isn’t working and it’s not saving lives!⁣

People are stressed out. They're losing their jobs, closing down their businesses, missing their mates and their families. The list goes on...⁣

There’s no direction. But all hope is NOT lost. We CAN and SHOULD focus on what we can control. The things we can do every day.⁣

I'm certainly no expert on the topic, but Johann Hari goes through some fascinating contributing factors to depression in his book Lost Connections. Things like a disconnection from meaningful work, other people, the natural world and a hopeful or secure future. All things that have somewhat been taken from us right now.⁣

It makes me think of something Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman talks about. You can be on your heels, flat-footed or moving forward. At the moment a lot of people are on their heels. ⁣

Our aim is to get off our heels and start moving forward. Forward momentum generates forward momentum. Mood follows action. ⁣