Momentum is a helluva thing. ⁣

It’s unquantifiable so it doesn’t get the credit it’s due.⁣

It’s one of the most important aspects of any fitness program (or any other worthwhile pursuit for that matter). ⁣

Momentum swings both ways. It can be both positive and negative.⁣

We can view it as a snowball, rolling down a hill, gathering snow and gradually becoming a bigger ball. The bigger the snowball gets, the harder it is to stop and the harder it is to shift its course. We can generate positive momentum that pushes us in the right direction. Or we can generate negative momentum – often seen as stagnation or laziness, but it’s momentum that’s moving you away from your goal. ⁣

We’ve all felt momentum in our lives before.⁣

You might have felt it on the footy field when the other team seemed like they couldn’t do anything wrong.⁣

You might have felt it with your training at times when you felt like you could run through a brick wall. ⁣

You might have been punched in the face by momentum and lost it all after a big weekend on the piss.⁣

It’s easy to get in a rut.⁣

But it’s also easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle once you get going.⁣

The trick is to understand that momentum exists. It’s much more reliable than motivation and it’s something that requires a little willpower to get started, but once it’s rolling, it gets easier and easier to maintain.⁣

One of the biggest things we can do is remove barriers to positive momentum. If you’re trying to eat healthy but you keep buying snacks ‘just in case’ you feel like them later, you’re going to eat them – momentum gone. ⁣

If you’re trying to wake up early and go to the gym but you bender every weekend – momentum gone. ⁣

If you’re trying to get to bed early, but throw on your favourite TV show as soon as you hit the pillow each night – momentum gone.⁣

Set yourself up for success by exercising a little willpower initially, and make it smooth sailing in the future. Stop having benders every weekend, stop buying shitty foods at the store and stop binge watching Netflix in bed. ⁣

Stop making it harder for yourself.⁣

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