Mood Follows Action

Perceptions, thoughts and feelings follow behaviour. ⁣

Most of us have this completely the wrong way around. ⁣

We wait until we feel good before going to the gym. ⁣

We wait until we are motivated to improve our eating. ⁣

We wait until the times right before we start a business or project. ⁣

Wrong. ⁣

We will feel good once we’ve been to the gym. ⁣

We will feel ‘motivated’ once we’ve eaten a healthy meal. ⁣

Our business will develop once we’ve started actually working on it. ⁣

We’ve got it backwards. Especially when we are starting out. ⁣

A personal example for me is improving the higher skill movements in the gym like Olympic lifting and gymnastics. I’ll tell myself that I will hit a dedicated block of training these movements when I’ve got the time. In reality, there’s always another physical quality that seems more essential for me to train like aerobic conditioning or maximal strength. ⁣

When I do string a few weeks in a row of clean and jerks, muscle ups or overhead squats and I see the massive improvements, it inspires me to train them more ruthlessly. ⁣

Don’t wait for your mood. You’ll be waiting a long time. ⁣



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