Motion vs Action

Are you in motion? Or are you taking action? ⁣

This post is timely because, by now, many of us are kicking starting 2021’s health and fitness or, have already lost interest in the ‘new year, new me’ idea. ⁣

James Clear discusses the two in his Atomic Habits...⁣

Deciding what meal plan is going to be best for you - that’s motion. ⁣

Eating a meal you know is healthier than your usual choices - that’s action. ⁣

We’ve had multiple people in the new year call us enquiring about what deals we have or what free trials we are offering - these people are in motion. ⁣

Those that have gotten out for a run, done a workout or been for a walk - that’s action. ⁣

It’s so easy for us to get bogged down thinking about what the optimal plan for change is: ⁣

‘What’s the fastest way to lose fat?’⁣

‘What’s the easiest way to build muscle?’ ⁣

Jerry Uelsmann showed that art students who focused on quantity of work (ie the amount of photos they took) produced a better end product than those who focused on quality of work (ie taking the best shot). The quantity group took photo after photo, played around with different lighting and compositions, learnt from their mistakes and ultimately produced the best photos. The quality group sat around speculating as to what the best options could be and produced one mediocre photo. ⁣

Motion allows us to ‘feel’ like we are making progress but will never actually produce a result. It can be useful, no doubt. But if motion is not followed with action, nothing will change. ⁣

Further reading - James Clear Atomic Habits chapter 11. ⁣



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