Pirate Maps

A pirate map is a concept that I learned from Dan John who I believe adopted the idea from Pat Flynn. ⁣

Think back to when you were a kid and read a pirate map: ⁣

1. Start at the boat 🚤 ⁣

2. Walk west until you hit the palm trees🏝 ⁣

3. Move south past the mountains ⛰ ⁣


5. Veer slightly east as you keep moving south between the trees🌴 and ☠️ ⁣

6. When you hit the next set of mountains ⛰ turn west ⁣

7. Continue until you find where ❌ marks the spot⁣

A few simple steps to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. ⁣

Apply this to your health / fitness / longevity goals. What simple steps do you need to take every day that will help you find your treasure. ⁣

This can be more beneficial than ever during a time like this. Here’s what a ‘pirate map’ of a day in lockdown currently looks like for me: ⁣

1. Wake early⁣

2. Read something ⁣

3. Move / train (a strength piece, a cardio piece and a skill piece) ⁣

4. Eat (2 meals per day, no snacks) ⁣

5. Drink (bulk water, coffee or tea) ⁣

6. Hot / cold (both) exposure (sauna and pool or contrast shower) ⁣

7. Write something (programs, business, journal, training diary etc) ⁣

8. Sleep early ⁣

If I can tick those things off, I know I’ve had a good day and am on the right track to being where I want to be. ⁣

Don’t think about the end goal. ⁣

Think about the simple steps you need to tick off every single day. ⁣

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