Return To Training (Post Corona)

Our members are fortunate enough to be heading into their 7th week of training so this post doesn’t apply to them. ⁣

This post is for the vast majority of gym goers that will head back to their local at some stage this week. ⁣

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you return to training. Remember we’ve overseen the return to training for dozens of athletes and fitness enthusiasts over the past two months... ⁣

- Forget pre-iso numbers. If you haven’t had access to the equipment you’ll be using then don’t pretend you’ll be able to hit the same standards. This goes for strength lifts as well as ergo times.⁣

- Your fitness isn’t coming back overnight. Aim to a do little each day rather than trying to gain all your fitness back in one session or one week. It will come back, probably slower than you want.⁣

- Leave reps in the tank, lots of reps. Going to failure after months of not doing so is a recipe for needing 5 days before your next training session. ⁣

- Space out your excitement. We get it, your gym is open. Will you be as excited in week 6 of your return as you are on day 1? That’s far more important. ⁣

- Be mindful of others. You have no idea how the isolation period has effected other people. For some it’s been a paid holiday on the couch. Others have been laid off. Others have been sick. Others have lost loved ones. Be considerate. ⁣

- Train generally, not specifically. We always advocate this but now more than ever. Don’t get back into the gym and flog one part of your body - it will be sore for a week. ⁣

- Warm up sets are your friend. ⁣

- More rest than you think.

- Pace. Once you hit your lactic threshold in a conditioning session, not only will you feel shit, you won’t achieve much thereafter. ⁣

- Forget specifics. Just move. We are yet to program how many sets anyone should do. ⁣

One final point... One of the top coaches we follow, Ben Bergeron recommends you don’t track anything and you certainly don’t charge into any session until you have 20 under your belt. ⁣

Goodluck on the return ✌️⁣

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