Seek Discomfort

This article was inspired by The Sect Fitness and Scott Carney

Scott Carney's new book is called The Wedge (which I highly recommend).

These passages came from the book.

“Let’s face it: Humans love comfort to the point of absurdity. And you don’t even have to hark back to prehistory to see it. What would your average Joe in the Great Depression think of you or me suddenly becoming enraged when the WiFi goes out for a few minutes?


We may drive cars that steer themselves and get laid to rest in cushy caskets, but we are still the same human beings who slept in the open air on the African plains. Which means that we are built to survive in hostile environments and very uncomfortable conditions. Our nervous systems—our bodies’ central command systems, which evolved to endure hardships out the ying-yang—are not like digital thermostats. They're not calibrated for radical comfort.”

Just because we don’t HAVE to deal with discomfort, doesn’t mean we SHOULD. View it as an advantage you have over the rest of the world who are out there getting soft.

As Scott Carney says...

“In other words, you will still have all the benefits of a modern human being, but you will also have the resilience and endurance that humans had before we got so damn comfortable.”

You should actively seek discomfort at least once every day. Cold showers or ice baths. Sauna’s or ocean swims. Hill sprints or heavy weights. Whatever it is, do it and learn how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.


This was the post from The Sect Fitness

It’s becoming far too easy to live and die from the comfort of our couches


Stand up. DO something, DO anything


You either die watching or die doing


We choose the later





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