Simple Works

A lot of my favourite quotes talk about simplicity.

“I said it was simple, not easy” - Dan John

“Simple things done savagely well” - Mark Verstegen

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - Albert Einstein

There’s something valuable about keeping things simple in an industry that’s constantly trying to sell you snake oil.

We’ll continue preaching the simple things in fitness. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder...

  • Eat fruit and vegetables

  • Eat eggs, meat, fish and other proteins

  • Eat nuts and seeds

  • Eat until satisfied, not until you explode

  • Drink lots of water

  • Lift things from the floor

  • Lift things over head

  • Carry heavy things

  • Sprint, jump and throw

  • Skip breakfast sometimes (and call it intermittent fasting if you want)

  • Get 8 hours of sleep

  • Walk more (10,000 steps a day)

  • Sweat regularly

  • Get hot

  • Get cold

  • Get sunlight

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable

  • Stretch

  • Have a breath work or meditation practice

If you make those things apart of your life than you’re going to be healthy and you’re going to perform well. You’ll take care of 99% of all your fitness issues. Unless you’re an Olympic athlete, you don’t need to do more than that.

If you actually want to get results stop bouncing around from program to program, drop the unnecessary supplements, the fad diets, the 6 week challenges, and all the other bullshit. You don’t need it. Save your money.

Just follow the basics. Follow the list. Screenshot the list. Keep it on hand.

Unfortunately the message isn’t sexy. There’s no money to be made off it and it requires a little discipline and focus from you.

Well there’s never been a better time to nail down the basics, so what’s your excuse?

Fitness is simple. Sometimes it’s not easy, but it’s never complicated.