Sit With Discomfort

We're quick to rehydrate, refuel, jump in cold water or take a shower after our training sessions.

We're quick to minimise discomfort as fast as we possibly can. But discomfort is where you make progress.

When you force your body to do something it hasn't done or it doesn't like, it adapts and improves.

If you jump in an ice bath immediately after a session, you're removing the bodies role in adapting to that discomfort.

If you're always perfectly fuelled and hydrated before training then what are you going to do when the situation isn't perfect? Are you impeding progress by optimising your environment all the time?

If you don't train unless you've had a quality 8 hours of sleep, what good are you when you wake up on game day and you've had 4?

Discomfort can be heat, soreness, acid, or breathlessness.

It could be hunger, thirst and fatigue.

It could be mental.

Don't be so quick to remove discomfort from your life. Discomfort is a signal for growth, so learn to love it.